April 2nd, 2012
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CPIM has nothing to do with CITU’s newspaper agents strike: Pinarayi

pinarayi vijayanKozhikode: CPIM state secretary Pinarayi Vijayayan estranged the party from the newswspaper agents strike that is being organised under  the leadership of the CITU. He has asked them not to deface the party’s image in the name of the strike. The CPIM too has alienated themselves from the newspaper agents struggle and have deserted them.

In a press meet held here today,Mr Pinarayi Vijayan made his and the his party’s stand clear with regard to the newspaper agents strike. He said the party has no intentions of hampering the circulation of newspapers in the state.” The newspaper agents formed a union and affiliated themselves to the CITU. It is not the CPIM’s responsibility or prerogative to end this strike,” he said.  “Its not only CPIM activists who are involved in the strike but also members from various other political parties. Hence CPIM cannot interfere in the strike. Some newspaper agents are scheming to block the circulation of Deshabhimani. if that happens we will not cross our hands and merely stand and watch. We shall not allow that to happen. If they intend to play with us, Deshabhimani  will decide to do away with newspaper agents on the whole. the distribution of the newspaper would then be taken over by party members,” he added in a warning tone.

Newspaper agents strike is now entering the 23rd day. Except for party papers they have refused to distribute any other paper. A group of agents in Malappuram is said to have called off the strike. Newspaper agent association coordination secretary and CITU leader A K Babu said that major newspapers such as Mathrubhumi and Manorama are trying to influence the newspaper agents in order to break the and weaken the protest. According to him some who are weak are falling into the honey trap.

The strike is said to have created loss amounting to crores of rupees for major newspaper dailies. At an INS meeting that was convened recently a major newspapers management stated that it had suffered a loss of 6 crore rupees in merely 5 days. Mathrubhumi and Manorama is said to have 20 crore loss in advertising revenue.


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