December 30th, 2011
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Deputy Mayor caught napping

sleeping ministerVellore: It didn’t take more than 10 minutes to pass 24 resolutions at the Corporation council meeting that was convened at the Corporation office for nearly two hours, on Thursday. Then what happened for the remaining one hour and 50 minutes? The whole scene turned into a series of humorous episodes in the name of addressing grievances, by the councillors in their areas.

A councillor, who almost stood the whole meeting asking for a mike, pointed out a scene from a movie and explained about the issue of stray dogs in his area. Another councillor, speaking at the highest pitch of his voice, made everyone smile. Scenes of blowing the hot coffee and using another cup to cool it were also witnessed. A ward member kept on referring the Deputy Mayor as ‘Anna’, while another councillor let out all the secrets to whom he had voted and why he joined a political party even after winning the councillor election.

A ward member questioned the Corporation Commissioner about the seizure of the 21 motors in his area, which were used illegally suck water. There was chaos and some even laughed at him. Another ward member wanted travelling allowance for councillors to attend ‘emergency meetings’. He said, only 10 resolutions should be passed in a meeting. He also asked for petrol allowance and demanded an allotment of `1 crore for developmental activities.

At one point, the Mayor interrupted and told the ward members to clearly present their points. However, the deputy mayor was mum for the whole meeting and was even found napping for a while on the stage!


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