February 20th, 2012
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DGCA takes action against Kingfisher airlines

kingfisherNew Delhi: Kingfisher airline lets down its passengers again. 17 more flights were cancelled in Mumbai and Bangalore while two others were rescheduled in the morning. This came a day after as many as 28 flights were cancelled on Sunday. Kingfisher operations at the Kolkata airport have been shut till March 3.

Kingfisher’s CEO and top officials have been summoned by the DGCA to explain the large-scale disruptions in the operations of the cash-strapped carrier. The government has ruled out any bailout.

“No, government is not going to have any bailout. Government is not going to ask banks or private industry for that matter”, the Minister told reporters.“Recently government had seized their bank accounts also. So our first concern is that flights which are ongoing, passenger safety should not be compromised and then let us see what reply they give. DGCA is inquiring into it,” Mr. Singh said.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), which has initiated an inquiry, has asked for a full report. According to sources, the top aviation regulator has asked for a full report, maintaining that cancelling scheduled flights without informing the regulator is a clear violation of rules. Union Civil Aviation Minister Ajit Singh is also being consulted on what action to take.

The DGCA could terminate the airlines permit. “We have received reports about the large-scale cancellations. They were bound to inform us when they cut their schedule but they didn’t. We will decide what to do after gathering information from all the centres,” said DGCA chief EK Bharat Bhushan. Airlines require prior approval of the DGCA to curtail flights

Even when the situation of the airlines is in doldrums, the authorities continue to assure that the situation shall be brought under control. “We are not going to pull out operations from any base and about 10 aircraft will be back in service soon. We are in talks with investors and the airline will soon get recapitalized,” said CEO Sanjay Aggarwal.


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