December 5th, 2011
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Cinema resurrects Silk to sell again


Cinema: Dirty Picture

Director: Milan Luthria

Producers : Ekta Kapoor Shobha Kapoor

Script Writer: Rajat Arora

Starring: Vidya Balan, Naseeruddin Shah, Emraan Hashmi, Tusshar Kapoor

Music: Vishal- Shekhar

Cinematography: Bobby Singh

Editing: Akiv Ali

Distributed: Balaji Motion Pictures ALT Entertainment

Film Review/ Niranjalli Varma

silk smitha hot seductive actressDirty, sexy, seductive, sensuous Silk has been resurrected again to garner the carnal desires of the ‘man’ however,Vijayalakshmi the women is still buried under the voluptuous breasts, plunging cleavage,drunken eyes, and inviting lips. Director Milan Lutharia has surely achieved what he had desired to create- an all time entertainment that is not taxing to ones intellect.

A movie that would cater to the mass audience and ensure near-full houses in many cinemas . A movie that will not ponder or budge from mundane, prosaic narration.  In 17 years what Silk did for 450 films, Silk successfully accomplished again. She sold tickets.  After 15 years she has been dragged out of her grave to sell a movie not just with the ‘show of skin’ or gyrating movements but with her tragic tale in the offing.

Silk’s life had it all …….poverty, struggle, the rise from rags to riches, success, the great fall, crushing failure, the desire to grasp on to thesilk smitha hot seductive actress, Dirty Picture transient fading alluring world, the life of women far ahead of her times, the filth of the industry, hypocrisy, ego, destruction, rebellion, loneliness, isolation, despair…..  Though her story has been narrated, the film fails to look into its depth or grasp all the nuances of emotions within. The film tragically fails in evoking any emotion. Neither do we empathize nor do we castigate. We do not shudder, cry, feel pain,….. In the movie she says “I am entertainment” true she had it all. Yet the movie failed to deliver.

‘Dirty Picture’ is a women centric movie that caters to a male audience. The movie clearly, cant be categorized under the title of ‘biography’ for the movie makers have merely stolen the eventful storyline.  Showing the callousness, to refrain from attempting to understand, is in itself injustice to a women who suffered her share in the film industry – that devoured her, used her, threw her into the depths of loneliness and darkness, built a wall of social stigma, paraded her morality and mercilessly trampled all over it.

silk smitha hot seductive actress, Dirty PictureThe press branded her, sold her, and today 20 years later we dig her out to torment her again. Silk Smitha ended her life  for her dreams were squashed, for she wanted to be accepted as a human being, for she hoped the world of hypocrisy would discard their mask and view the women in her. The movie claims to celebrate her life but have they done that?

The movie has however, give an arena for Vidya Balan the actress to explore herself. The growth and evolution in Vidya Balan from Parineeta to Dirty Picture is palpable.  Nazeruddin Shah also perfectly moulded himself into the character.

If the audience laughs and ridicules Silk’s suicide then the movie has failed to move the audience. The camera had to oscillate between her sensuality, sex appeal and her myriad multitude of emotions which it hasn’t done. Anyone who knows the story of Silk Smitha could be easily bored to the hilt. One must have an abundance of testosterone to receive their money’s worth. I walked out hoping and wishing the movie was handled by someone other than Milan and Ekta Kapoor.

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5 Responses to “ Cinema resurrects Silk to sell again ”

  1. burhan

    dirty picture is the baddest and the dirtiest movie,this movie should be banned and so should be the makers of it.

  2. keshava NV were right somewhere. You showed what the movie should itself have showed it. A matured film review. I am proud to have silk as an artist whom we forgot down the lane. A tribute to her in writing. Thank you. Keshava. St. ALOYSIUS

  3. Mishh

    Wow wow wow. Nice Review

  4. Ryne

    Articles like this just make me want to visit your westibe even more.

  5. Poornananda

    Good review Niranjalli. I agree with most of your critical observations. I am yet to see the film but going by what I have been seeing in media I feel the film is about Vidya Balan’s exposure rather than about Silk. Massive marketing campaign worked well for the film.


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