February 11th, 2012
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Do not put VS in a delicate situation:Pinarayi

pinarayi vijayan Thiruvananthapuram: “Do not put VS Achuthananthan in a delicate situation with your interpretations”, CPIM state Secretary Pinarayi Vijayan told media personals. He was answering the questions posed by the press in relation with VS Achthananthan’s statement regarding capital punishment.

“You do not have to interpret capital punishment thus. You all are competent an twisting and interpreting news to suit your interest. VS Achthananthan is not ignorant of party procedure. He would not answer the issues raised at the party’s delegate conference at a public conference. It is a breach of procedure if does so. Do not put VS Achuthananthan in a delicate situation with your interpretations,” Pinarayi said.

CPIM leader and Leader of the Opposition VS Achuthananthan proclaimed that he could not be silenced or threatened with intimidation’s such as capital punishment while speaking at the Valedictory rally of the 20th party State Conference, yesterday. Earlier DYFI state president M Swaraj had stated that V S Achuthananthan should be subjected to capital punishment. The matter was leaked out by the media. Though Pinarayi vijayan had asked the people to take whatever the media says with a pinch of salt, VS Acuthananthan’s reaction to capital punishment only confirms the media’s report.

The party had claimed that VS made the CPIM and PDP relationship controversial which eventually tarnished the image of the party. Commenting on the issue Mr Pinarayi said, “We did not form ant relationship with PDP. The left has not formed any alliance with them. During the elections it is the PDP that stated that it would support the Left. At that time people had formed a negative image regarding the PDP. We feel it was inappropriate to have shared the stage with them.”




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