April 11th, 2012
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Dowry case: Victim denied food for 20 days

dowry-caseAdoor: A women who was locked up and denied food for more than 20 days  by her husband and in-laws  was rescued by her relatives with the help of the police. Molikutty the wife of Regi from Paruthippara, Adoor who was was beaten up, abused and locked up in the name of dowry, is undergoing treatment at the Adoor general hospital.  Her husband Reji, father-in- law Raju (54) and mother- in- law Kunjumol (49) have been taken into police custody.

As per police reports, the victim stated that she was been regularly facing abuse and torture. Her husband is said to have beaten her up with an iron rod. When she was rescued she was famished, gaunt and a faint resemblance of what she looked like. Worms were wriggling out of the festered puss filled wounds on her leg. The neighbors informed her relatives about the cruel, gruesome, barbaric treatment meted out to her. Mollykutty’s sister Valsamma rescued her from her in-laws house of yesterday morning with the help of the police. While being taken to the hospital she was so weak that she could hardly mumble anything. Her children are now under the care of Molikutty’s sister who rescued her.




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