September 29th, 2011
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Drivers runs over and kills cop

delhi-driver-kills-copNew Delhi: A Tavera that was flagged by police for speeding on the DND flyway ran over the traffic cops killing one and injuring the other.  The head constable, Nihendra Singh alias Mahender (47), was taken to Max Hospital and later to the AIIMS Trauma centre where he died in this evening.

The other policeman was 25-year-old Ankit. He managed to escape with minor injuries. The Tavera driver was caught near the toll plaza at the Noida end of the flyway after a dramatic chase.

The driver was 22 year old, Yash Rai,  a Noida student who also worked as a part-time driver illegally ferrying office-goers. Rai told the police he was afraid of being caught and fined Rs 2,000. So he tried to evade the cops signalling him to stop. An eyewitness, Rajinder Khatri, travelling to Noida, said Rai had stopped the vehicle and had an argument with the two cops.

“The driver asked the cops to move out of the way and threatened to run them over. He then suddenly accelerated. While one policeman (Ankit) managed to jump away, the other cop came under the Tavera,” Khatri said.

The incident took place on the flyway around 7.45am, just a few blocks away from Ashram. The police said the Tavera (UP30A 8891) was picked up by a speed checking team on the DND. It was found to be travelling at 70 kmph and a message was sent out to the police team further ahead on the flyway.


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