November 29th, 2011
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Egypt goes to polls; record turn out

egypt-electionCairo: Egypt has entered the second day of voting. Most parties agree Egypt is on course for a record turnout. This is the first set of election since former President Hosni Mubarak. The first day of polling for a new parliament was mainly peaceful. Voting was extended by two hours to cope with long queues and few security problems were reported.

The apparent success of the initial voting surprised the voters themselves. After a week of violent demonstrations against the interim military rulers, many said they had cast their ballots out of a sense of duty and defiance, determined to reclaim the promise of their revolution, even as the ruling generals said they intended to share little power with the new Parliament.

Many protesters occupying Cairo’s Tahrir Square have boycotted the vote.The protesters fear the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces led by Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, which is overseeing the transition to democracy after decades of authoritarian rule, is trying to retain power.

However, most parties seem to agree that Egypt is on course for a record turnout which is an indication of the pent-up appetite for democracy.


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