April 5th, 2012
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Enrica Lexie case: Italian priests attempts out of court settlement

enrica-italian-shipKollam: The catholic diocese has decided to intervene in the case where the Italian Marines of the ship ‘Enrica Lexie’ have been accused of shooting of Indian fishermen off the Kerala coast. The intend to arrive at a mutual understanding and settlement outside the court, between the Italians and the Indian fisherman. The Kollam and the Thiruvananthapuram diocese has taken up the responsibility to bring about a settlement between the two parties.

Religious heads and priests from Italy have arrived at Kollam to participate in these talks. Father Mark and Joseph reached Kollam and visited the families of the deceased fishermen. Priests of Kollam held talks with the priests from Italy. The victim Valentine Jalastine’s wife told the media that the priests stated that they hoped to settle the matter peacefully and amicably. Such an out of court settlement is being arrived at by the priests even when a legal battle is being waged for justice.

Meanwhile, the owners the Italian vessel Enrica Lexie are planning to move the Supreme Courtagainst Kerala high court’s order asking them to approach the magistrate court at Kollam to seek release of the vessel. On Tuesday, a division bench of the high court had set aside a single bench’s order allowing the vessel to sail on a bond of Rs 3 crore. The court also ruled that the magistrate court at Kollam, where the original case is pending, has jurisdiction to decide on the release of the vessel.

The Italian vessel, which was on its way to Egypt from Singapore was carrying 25 crew members, including 19 Indians and six armed security personnels from the Italian Navy onboard. According to sources the Naval personnel who shot at the fishermen are the riflemen of San Marco Battalion of Italian Navy. The deceased Valentine Jalastine and Ajeesh Binki were among the nine fishermen who set out to sea.They were allegedly killed by the Marines of the ship, who fired at their boat on February 15.





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