December 28th, 2011
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Firecracker factory catches fire, 5 dead

blastThrissur: 5 people died in an explosion at Thrissur Athhani fire cracker factory. Of the 5 people who died one person has been identified to be from North India. The north Indian is identified to be Naresh Mahodaya from Bihar. More than 8 people are said to be seriously injured. The factory comes under Chemban Devasyam.

The neighbouring houses were completely destroyed in the blast.Rubber plantations have been burnt down completely. Fire has not yet been contained. Vehicles are available only after 2 kilometres hence there was delay in getting those injured to the hospital. The explosion occurred at a very remote region which is on a hill in the midst of a rubber plantation hence all rescue operations are difficult. Those injured have been rushed to the Thrissur medical college.

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