December 29th, 2011
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Forget Mullaperiyar; unite for Koodankulam


Kanyakumari: Kerala and Tamil Nadu must forget about their differences regarding the Mullaperiyar issue and the two states should unite in their struggle against the Koodankulam nuclear plant. This call to unite was raised by the various Tamil leaders at Kanyakumari during the solidarity meet that celebrated 200 days of protest against the nuclear plant.

“In the name of Mullaperiyar the government of both the states are attempting to divide the people of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. However the Koodankulam project shall have adverse affects in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. The people of the three states must unite against this plant,” they said. “Almost all the major political parties of Tamil Nadu have united in the Mullaperiyar issue. But why haven’t they been able to stand united against Koodankulam nuclear plant that poses a greater threat than the breakage of the Mullaperiyar dam,” the leaders questioned.

A Vasu  at koodankulam protest

More than 1000 people united in Kanyakumari for the convention. “Even if the government tries to supress us we shall not step back from our protest,” they declared. The government has accused the protest leaders of accepting money from international organisations that want to sabotage the project. “If they do believe this to be true then let the government officials check the bank details of the suspects. Instead of spreading false propaganda let the goverment prove their views to be true through factual evidence. Even when the whole world are closing down existing nuclear plants and are attempting to move towards safer and cleaner sources of energy India is moving backwards by promoting nuclear power plants,” they opined.

“Prime Minister Manmohan Singh visited Tamil Nadu a few days back only to get assurance from the Chief Minister Jayalalithaa that she would execute the Koodankulam project. The execution of Koodankulam is the priority of the central government. Mullaperiyar issue is not their primary concern,” they added.

Interestingly none of the major politicians participated in this convention against the Koodankulam project. CPIML Liberation, SUCI, Periyar Dravida Kazhakam, SDPI Tamil Nadu Kadakam and  NCHRO participated. A Vasu who represented the voice of protestors from Kerala delivered a speech during the function.

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