October 25th, 2011
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Gaddafi put to rest: NTC

Gaddafi buried

Tripoli:  Muammar Gaddafi, his son Mutassim and a former aide have been buried at a secret location, Libya’s National Transitional Council stated.The burial is said to have taken place at 5am local time. The Qaddafa tribe had asked for the bodies to be delivered to them and to be buried in his hometown of Sirte, in accordance to Gaddafi’s will, but this request was refused.

“The NTC did not want the grave to become a shrine, so tribe members were allowed to pray over the body before it was buried, and then NTC commanders took his body into the unknown location in the desert and buried it,” she said. The sudden burial occured as the body could not be kept for a longer period of time as the decomposition of the body had begun.


The frenzy mob that fought against Gadaffi are on a head hunt killing looting and abusing all Gaddafi loyalists. Human Rights Watch said it had found 53 decomposing bodies, in Sirte, which they believe belonged to Gaddafi supporters. There are reports that pour in that confirm that the anti- Gaddafi fighters consider themselves above the law. The US state department commenting on the state of chaos and lawlessness said that it was  “extremely disturbing”. Gene Cretz, the US ambassador to Libya, had “raised it with the National Transitional Council today and asked them to conduct a full investigation”, according to a state department spokesperson.

Caving into international pressure, the NTC has ordered an investigation into the circumstances surrounding death of Gaddafi who was captured alive. A commission of inquiry is being put in place to investigate the killing of Gaddafi, who was captured by NTC fighters outside Sirte on Thursday and shot shortly afterwards, apparently while being transported to Misrata.



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