October 28th, 2011
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Ganesh Kumar apologizes for his statements

ganesh-kumarThiruvananthapuram: Cultural Minister Ganesh Kumar apologized before the media at a press conference for his derogatory statements against Opposition leader VS Achuthananthan. “Taking into consideration the age of the opposition leader who could be as old as my great grandfather, I apologize for my statements,” he said. I don’t want my statements to be a headache for my Chief Minister. I do not want my statements to create any problems for the Speaker. I do not want to impede the Assembly proceedings further,” he added.

He stated that he had expressed his wish to apologize before the Assembly to the Speaker but unfortunately the Opposition party had not permitted him to do so. ” For the past 7- 8 months, and even before that for the past 18 years V S Achuthananthan has been insulting my father and my family. He has been proudly declaring that he put my father behind bars. I see and hear his abusive and offensive words and gestures every day. As a son I have suffered immensely. Till today I have not given vent to my emotions. It is all bottled inside. The other day VS Achuthananthan stated that he would fight against corruption and abuse against women. What he said against my father was much more than what a son could tolerate. He has used extremely repulsive statements. This is beyond what a son can tolerate,” he said.

“I should have not made such statements against V S Achuthananthan. I agree my mistake. I was ready to answer the questions posed by the opposition at the Legislative Assembly. I retract the statements made by me against V S Achuthananthan. I express my apologies to VS Achuthananthan and all those are close to him. This apology of mine is true and I mean it from the bottom of my heart. I do not want a mistake on my side to hinder the Assembly proceedings. My err should not put the Chief Minister or the speaker in a dilemma. I do not want my actions to be a headache for the Speaker or Mr Ommen Chandy,” he added.

” VS is old enough to be my great grandfather. I respect everyone who is elder to me.  Even if they are only one year older to me I respect them. This respect for age I grant VS also. This mistake should have never happened. My emotions took over me for a fraction of a moment,” he expressed.

” A few days back a minister cried miserably before the Legislative Assembly stating that he is a son, not a piece of wood. Even I am a son, even I have a father, mother and a family. R Balakrishnan Pillai is my father and i am proud to call him my father. He could handle any department and performed his duties beautifully. V S Achuthananthan has been acting against him based on his personal grudge and vengeance.

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