February 7th, 2012
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Ganesh Kumar stays away from Kerala Congress meet

ganeshKochi: Minister K B Ganesh Kumar has stated that he shall not participate in the Kerala Congress (B) Leadership conference to be held in Kochi today. The argument between R Balakrishnan Pillai and K B Ganesh Kumar is the reason behind the decision to refrain from the conference. The meeting is to begin at 11 pm today at the Adyapaka Bhavan today.

Mr Ganesh Kumar would instead participate in the meeting organized by the Forest Department. The party meanwhile intends to discuss the Ganesh Kumar issue at their meeting today. They would also discuss as to why Ganesh kumar walked out of the Wayanad party conference held previously. Posters in support of Minister KB Ganesh Kumar appeared in Kochi ahead of the crucial Kerala Congress (B) meet on Tuesday. The posters were displayed in front of the guest house where R Balakrishna Pillai was staying.

Certain Congress Ministers are to demand the removal of Ganesh Kumar from his ministerial post. The party members requested Ganesh Kumar to favour land encroacher’s however, he is said to have refused to do so. The minister is said to have stood strong on his stand to preserve forest land. It is in this backdrop that certain congress ministers have demanded the removal of Minister Ganesh Kumar from the Forest Ministry portfolio.




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