February 6th, 2012
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Government assures help to Yuvaraj

yuvrajNew Delhi: The government will help Yuvraj who is battling with life, as the entire the nation prays for his speedy recovery said Sports Minister Ajay Maken who has come out in support of Yuvraj Singh, who is undergoing treatment after being detected with lung cancer in The United States.

“Wish Yuvraj a speedy recovery! Asking officials to find the quantum and nature of help required. Government should & will help him,” Maken tweeted last night.

World Cup hero Yuvraj Singh has been diagnosed with lung cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy at the Cancer Research Institute in Boston.The 30-year-old left-hander has been in US since last month. A tumour was detected in his lungs. Now it has been confirmed that the tumour is malignant.

Yuvaraj’s physiotherapist Dr Jatin Chaudhary assured that he would be back on the field very soon. “It is a rare tumour and is cancerous but it has been detected in stage one itself. Doctors had to decide whether to continue medication or go for chemotherapy but since parts of the tumour are just above the artery of his heart, there was a danger that while running it could burst. But it is 100 per cent curable,” Chaudhary said. BCCI officials, however, said the lay-off could be longer and that chemotherapy was scheduled to continue for nine weeks.

“He is fine and will be back soon on the field. Don’t worry,” Yuvaraj’s mother is said to have told a national daily.


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