October 14th, 2011
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Grow Vasu under police custody

Grow vasuThrissur: Prominent trade union leader and human rights activist Grow Vasu has been taken into police custody for his alleged connections with the Maoists. He was taken into custody by Thrissur East police from Thrissur Rest House today at 6am. Sugathan, Balagopal, Haridas, Ajayan who were his companions were also arrested.

The arrest occurred while he was returning from Shaina’s house at Vadanappaly Thrissur. Shaina and her husband Roopesh are under police vigilance for their alleged relationships with the Maoists. Before the visit Shaina had warned Grow Vasu of the police vigilance and had informed him that the police frequented her house. Of the seven people who were in the room one person is said to have escaped. Of the six arrested 3 were Malayalees and the other 3 are from Tamil Nadu. The police said that two people are lawyers.

Ayinoor Vasu who is also known as GROW Vasu was the leader of Gwalior Rayons Workers’ Organisation (GROW) and that is how he got the name. Mr Vasu became a synonym of environmental friendliness. He is also well known for his bold actions to fight for justice for the suffering of Dalits, Tribals, and victims of minority communities and for several other social and community issues. Mr Vasu who has agitated for several social issues has been arrested several times in the past.

Those arrested will be interrogated under the leadership of Thrissur DYSP.







One Response to “ Grow Vasu under police custody ”

  1. Ashraf

    We have to condemn the police arrest of Mr. A Vasu and others, Govt should take action against such organization who has never made anti government activities in Kerala. What Govt has to do is to arrest those fascist RSS linked organization as they are more active and responsible for all the bomb blasts in the country. Leave the poor and take the real terrorists into custody soon….


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