November 12th, 2011
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Gunshots fired near the White House

white house Washington: There was security breach in Washington DC  when gunshots were fired near the White House yesterday at 9.30pm local time last night (8.10 am IST today), following which the US Secret Service recovered an AK-47 from an abandoned Honda car, but the suspect remained at large. The US Secret Service said, the suspect was seen running away and remains at large.

The Secret Service said its officials posted on the 16th Street and Constitution Avenue heard the shots. They also saw two vehicles heading west. US President Barack Obama is currently in California on his way to Hawaii to attend the APEC Summit there.

The streets of Washington DC have been shut down after the shots were fired. As a precautionary measure, a few streets, in particular Constitution Avenue between 15th and 17th streets, near the White House were shut down. Officials pointed out that there was no evidence that the shots were fired at the White House. The suspect, it is believed, was last seen running across Roosevelt Bridge in Washington DC. No injury has been reported from the incident so far.


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