December 28th, 2011
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Hazare ends fast

anna-fast-endsMumbai: Anna Hazare campaign at the MMRDA Grounds in Mumbai came to a close as he has ended his fast. He declared that he will not head to Delhi now, as discussed earlier, nor launch a civil unrest or jail bharo agitation, for which nearly two lakh people have signed up online. Anna will instead return to Ralegan Siddhi in Maharashtra. Anna Hazare thanked all his supporters.

“It won’t be proper to have jail bharo agitation now…instead, we will go for voters’ awareness programme in five states.” Criticising politicians for passing a ‘weak’ Lokpal Bill, Anna said that dictators are ruling this country. “Our fight is for the common man. We want justice for him. Even after the departure of Britishers, we are struggling for good governance. It has become difficult for comman man to survive,” he added.

Throwing light upon his future actions, he said, “We should be ready to go to jail. But we don’t have to be violent. We have shown power of non-violence on August 16 in Ramlila Maidan. We will campaign against the government in the upcoming state assembly elections and Lok Sabha elections. We will ask people not to vote for these people.”

He said that his Team will soon work out campaign schedule for the five poll-bound states. “After this fast we will go to all five states going to poll. We will tell people not to vote parties who don’t want a strong Lokpal. This country will improve only through ballot box. We don’t have to vote corrupt and wrong people,” he said.

Arvind Kejriwal, said the jail bharo or civil unrest movement will be launched “later at an appropriate time.” For now, the activists’ agitation against the government pauses. They will strategise about their plans to take on the Congress now via elections.


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