September 1st, 2011
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HC in favour of Milma: Milk price increased by 5/-

Kochi: The Kerala High Court ruling in favour of Milma,  stayed the government’s move preventing Milma from hiking the milk price to Rs 5 per litre. As per the court verdict Milma had the authority to increase the selling price of milk and that the state government had no power to interfere in the matter. The verdict was on Governments writ petition questioning Milma’s decision to raise the selling price.

The Court severely criticized the state government for its inaction to check the private companies from selling milk at a higher price. The High Court questioned the state governments policy of  non interference when it comes to the exhorbitant price rise of private companies. The court also asked the state government why it was only concerned with the price of Milma products.

Milma has decided to hike milk price by Rs 5 per litre. Milma chairman PT Gopala Kurup stated that the price would come into effect within few days




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