August 31st, 2011
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Hit, run and drag along

Trichy: A 45-year-old man was allegedly hit by a car and dragged for nearly three and half kilometers along the Trichy road before he was rescued. P Purushothaman, an employee of the Express Publications Limited, was walking along Trichy road near Sungam junction around 12.30 pm when the car driven by  S Thangavelu, hit him throwing him a few feet away, said an eyewitness. Attempting to escape from the crime scene, Thangavelu drove on without stopping only to realize later that he was dragging Purushothamn  along.

Purushothaman’s  cloth cloth had got entangled in the rear-side mudguard of the car and was dragged along the road till the house of the accused at Dhanalakshi Nagar near Stock Market building, a well three and half kilometer from the accident spot, police said.He was rescued only when a motorists, who witnessed the accident, chased the car and informed the police about the incident.

“Soon after Purushothaman was hit, we tried to stop the car driver who panicked and attempted to escape from the scene. Unfortunately, the victim’s cloth got tangled in the rear side of the car and he was dragged all along the road. One of the motorbike riders chased and overtook the car in an attempt to alert driver about the status of the victim. But he did not stop the car even then,” said Udayakumar, a milk vendor who first informed the police about the incident.

The locals and policemen, who were on night patroll duty, relieved Purushothaman from the car only after Thangavelu stopped the car at his residence in Dhanalakshi Nagar at Singanallur, police said.Thangavelu is currently battling for his life in private hospital. “He is still in a semi-consious state. He has lost most of the skin from his head to toe and has suffered multiple fractures and must under go several surgeries to save his life,” said Dr. N Arumugam, of KG Hospitals. The doctors said Purushothaman has also suffered skull injuries which will have long term effects.


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