October 24th, 2011
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Honour killing: Women beaten and burnt to death in MP

honour-killingMadhya Pradesh: The villagers decided the fate of a women again. A married woman who had eloped with a Dalit man was brutally beaten to death and her burnt by her family members. The concept that honour lies on the shoulders of women and her murder sanctifies the home still retains in the villages of India. The incident that occurred in Madya Pradesh has not created shock waves in India.

The woman, Guddi alias Bhoori who had four kids, had eloped with a sweeper named Kamal, her neighbour, on October 2. Her family members found her on October 20. She was beaten to death and then hung from a tree. Her body was set on fire. The killing took place in full public view, but none of the villagers came forward to help the woman, police said.

Guddi’s parents registered a complaint with the Dimni police station. Her in-laws have been absconding, police said. Kamal and his family members too are missing.



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