August 13th, 2011
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A novel method indeed

Special Story/ Vivek Prasad

house lifting a solutionChennai: Anantha Raman, a south chennai-based accountant, is in news for raising his house by four feet. The Velachery resident had hired  Mamchand from Haryana, who specialises in lifting houses from the foundation using screw jacks. Raman’s house was lifted while keeping its appearance, electrical wiring and plumbing intact. Mamchand’s workers have carved out two feet of ground around the house, removed the flooring and placed jacks through a long-running channel.

They claim that by synchronised rotation of the jacks, they  lifted the building up by four inches in 108 moves. Since the quality of bricks in Chennai was found to be deficient, solid concrete blocks manufactured in Tiruvallur were  used to re-lay the foundation. Mamchand, who charges Rs 200 per square feet, claims he can lift any building up to 11 feet, including multistoreyed ones and that his life’s ambition is to straighten the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

When roads are re-laid in a specific locality, it is common to find the road height growing higher than the ground-level of several houses on either side of the road over a period of time. This can lead to several problems such as water flowing into the house premises. For many, the solution remains increasing the floor level, or rebuilding the structure, during such situations Mamchand’s services come handy.

Mamchand and Sons has been in the business of lifting and shifting buildings for nearly two decades now. According to Mamchand, who runs the company with his family members, the company has provided solutions to 10 houses in Chennai, and one each in Dindigul and Coimbatore. It uses a technology for which the company received the patent in 2005.

The ground around the house is dug for two-and-a-half feet width and two feet depth. Screw jacks are fit in the foundation and the building is raised to the required height. The foundation level is increased. For a 1500 sq.ft house, about 25 persons are employed. They are specially trained for the work. Only the floor at the ground level and the sewage needs rework. The plumbing and electricity lines are not affected and there is no necessity to remove the doors and windows. This work can be taken up irrespective of the type of foundation already laid, he says.

The company has lifted a four-storey building in Haryana for a similar purpose and raised the foundation for nearly 11 feet in another building in Gurgaon. K. Manohar, a resident of  Coimbatore whose house was raised by nearly four feet by the company, says that during the last four years the road was re-laid and its height went up. Problems such as water stagnation worsened last November. His 1,400 sq.ft. house was lifted and the work was completed in a month. The residents had to vacate the house during the work and the cost was just one-third of rebuilding the house, he says.

The rotund Mamchand feels that his company can make great profits in Chennai as many of the houses are submerged during the rainy seasons.

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