August 10th, 2011
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” I have lost all hope”: Vithura victim

abuseKochi: ” I have lost all hopes of justice” Vithura sex scandal victim declares in her petition to the high court. In a petition submitted to the High Court, the victim requests the court to conclude trial procedures and to exempt her from appearing in person for court proceedings.

The sex scandal victim who has not sighted justice for the past 12 years claims that she has lost all hopes in the judicial system and would prefer to refrain from going forward with the sex scandal case. The court proceedings shall hamper her domestic life and getting in and out of court innumerable times itself is a form of an abuse, she stated in her petition.

The victim who has lost all hopes in India’s judicial system mentioned in her petition, that it has become increasingly difficult to recollect the particulars of the events that occurred 16 years ago.

There are 22 cases in relation to the Vithura sex scandal, of which the victims presence has been demanded for 7 case proceedings. It is in this light that the petition was submitted. The petition shall be taken into consideration  by the high court this afternoon.


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