December 6th, 2011
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IB asked to survey food situation

IB-chief,-Arun-BhagatNew Delhi: In an interview with P7 a Hindi television channel, Arun Bhagat, a former Intelligence Bureau chief disclosed that the Government had asked him to perform duties that were not relation to maintenance of national security.

Mr Bhagat said that the government had asked him to conduct a survey on the food situation and he could not refuse the assignment. “On my recommendation, the government immediately imported one million tonnes or more of wheat,” he added. Commenting on the diversion of IB’s resources to domestic political espionage he said, “There is always some political influence and pressure. It is always there. I do not agree, though, that resources are diverted away from counter-terrorism for political tasks.”

Appointed IB Director in 1997 by Prime Minister HD  Deve Gowda, Mr. Bhagat faced allegations that agents posted to the Parliament House on security duties were also conducting surveillance of MPs.




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