September 26th, 2011
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“I was threatened”: Documents of ice cream parlour sex scandal case witness

Kozhikode: The witness of ice cream palour sex scandal case is continuing to play turn coat. The witness has yet again changed their stand. Instead of taking a firm stand, their statement has been varying at the drop of a hat.

Today the witness has yet again retracted from their earlier statement claiming that they were threatened to make statements in favour of Industrial Minister of  Kerala, P.K Kunjalikutty. In a complaint filed to the CM and the court they stated that their statements were maneuvered under the threat imposed by Chelari Shareef. The witnesses have filed a petition before the Opposition party, crime branch and Kozhikode Judicial Magistrate.

Doolnews has received an exclusive copy the petition filed.

The petitions filed by Kozhikode resident, P Rosalin and Wayanad resident, Bindu states that Chelari Shareef  threatened them and forced them to give statements only in favour of the minister. He also warned them that their life would be at stake and in danger if they did not succumb to such threats. The answers to the question’s to be posed by the CBI were taught to them. Money was also offered. They now claim that their primary statement given to Jayson K Abraham was correct and later statements were all false.

Copy of Bindu’s petition

ബിന്ദുവിന്റെ പരാതിയുടെ കോപ്പി


 Copy of Roslin’s petition 





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