October 4th, 2011
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80 per cent of the IITians lack quality

narayana-murthyNew Delhi: Coaching classes adept at manufacturing students that can crack exams through their intense short term programmes have helped even children with no aptitude and average ability. This has enabled them to be a prospective, profit minting business. Infosys founder N R Narayan Murthy, observation that the standard of the students at the premier institution has deteriorated because of coaching classes.  The faculty at the IIT agreed with his observation.

“I don’t think Murthy is harsh. We do have a problem with the coaching system. Almost 80 per cent of the IITians lack quality,” said Sanjeev Sanghi, president of the faculty forum at IIT Delhi.

“Thanks to coaching classes, the quality of students entering IITs has gone lower and lower. Save the top 20 per cent who crack the tough IIT entrance exam and can stand among the best anywhere in the world, the quality of the remaining 80 per cent of students leaves much to be desired,” he added.

IIT are planning to go the UPSC way. Civil services faced this kind of deterioration in quality due to coaching classes. The effective solution for the problem was rectifying the admission procedure so as to screen in people with aptitude and ability. Murthy too stressed on the need of a new system for the selection of students to the IITs.

“They somehow get through the JEE. But their performance in IITs, at jobs or when they come for higher education in institutes in the US is not as good as it used to be. This has to be corrected. A new method of selection of students to IITs has to be arrived at,” he said.



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