September 16th, 2011
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Imran upholds drinking rights of youth

Imran files PIL against drinking ageMumbai: Bollywood actor Imran Khan filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in the Bombay High Court questioning the state government’s decision to increase the age for consumption of liquor from 21 to 25 years.”By this PIL I am not promoting drinking but fighting for the constitutional right of the youth in India. When a 21-year-old is allowed to marry, vote and do several other things, then he or she should also be allowed to indulge in any legal activity including consumption of liquor,” Imran told reporters after filing the Public Interest Litigation.

In an effort to discourage youngsters from consuming liquor, Maharashtra government had in June increased the age limit for the consumption of liquor from 21 to 25. Imran called the act as an infringement on the freedom of the individuals; hence he decided to file a PIL questioning the decision.

Even as Imrans Mere brother ki Dulhan is running in theatres across India, he seems to be making news for a totally different cause. According to the 28 year old actor, the state government’s action infringed on the fundamental rights of a citizen living in a democratic country.

“If the government has not banned sale of liquor then anyone above the age of 21 should have the choice of consuming it. A major can decide for himself what is right and wrong,” the actor, clad in a light blue striped shirt, flanked by his lawyer Ameet Naik and brother-in-law Vedant Malik, said.”There are several issues we are facing in our country. But this issue (alcohol age limit) is something I personally feel about. Even I have consumed alcohol when I was younger, but responsibly,” Imran added.



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