September 28th, 2011
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The world finally see’s ISI’s truth: Manmohan Singh

Manmohan Singh- Indian PMNew Delhi: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said that he was glad to know that the world was finally realizing that India’s long time claims regarding Pakistan Intelligence agencies links with terrorism was true. He was talking to the press today morning after returning to India from the US.

“There is now growing awareness of the groups which indulge in these nefarious activities and we have to take notice of that.  We are glad that at least the world recognizes the truth of what the government and the people of India had been saying about the activities of ISI for many, many years,”the PM said when asked about US military chief Admiral Mike Mullen remarks accusing the ISI of helping the Haqqani network.

“What General Mullen has said with regard to the role of certain forces in Pakistan, is also something which is nothing new to us. In fact when we were the first to flag this issue earlier, the world didn’t believe us,” he added.Mr Mullen had recently asserted that the ISI has trained the Haqqani network, the deadliest terror group in Afghanistan and the one that is said to have carried out several recent attacks on US targets in Kabul, including the attack on the US embassy on September 13.

Pakistan, however, rejects these allegations saying they are “not based on facts”. In her speech at the UN General Assembly, Pakistan Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar said yesterday that India and Pakistan are engaged in a “substantive dialogue process” that Islamabad hopes will be “uninterrupted and uninterruptable” as it looks forward to resolve all outstanding issues.

“The ISI has been at the forefront of operations against terrorist organisations like the Al Qaeda.” she reiterated. “Given the volatility of the situation, it is perhaps understandable that there is a high level of anxiety and emotions. But we must not lose sight of the goals. We must work closely and as responsible partners together in a cooperative manner and not rush to judgments or question each other’s intentions,” she said.


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