September 14th, 2011
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The Lord is our guardian

Sri KrishnaBy following the process of devotional service, we align ourselves with the supreme mystic, Lord Krishna. The more we take steps toward trusting Krishna to be our maintainer and guardian, the more we will see how everything that happens in our life is designed to transform our consciousness from material to spiritual. Krishna expertly arranges events in devotees’ lives to help them give up their attachments to ephemeral matter and attach themselves to eternal spirit. He helps us correct our perceptual distortions and distinguish the eternal self from the temporary body.

A devotee who lost her infant was able to contemplate the possibility that her child had practiced Krishna consciousness in his previous life and needed to spend only a little more time in this life before going to Krishna. She also extracted many important lessons about her own spiritual life. Being in so much distress over the loss, she took more and more shelter of her spiritual practices and felt that Krishna intensified her desire to become more serious about making spiritual progress in this lifetime. The more intense her chanting of the Hare Krishna mantra became, the more she was convinced that Krishna was her only true shelter and source of happiness.

In an amazing panorama of events going on simultaneously, Krishna is purifying the hearts of all those who endeavor to reunite with Him. Those of us pursuing our spiritual lives under the spiritual master Srila Prabhupada’s guidance, in a society of  likeminded people, should always strive to remind one another of Krishna’s unwavering eternal love for each of us. In this way we will know that for our unique circumstance, Krishna perfectly orchestrates whatever situation we find ourselves in. Life can be compared to a big classroom, replete with lessons and exams. Our freedom in the human form of life lies in how we use our time. A syllabus alerts students to exam dates and projects, but it is up to them to use their free time to study. Similarly, we have to use our free time to practice our spiritual life so that we will be prepared for the exams that come—the final test being the time of death.

Strong spiritual practices, such as chanting ‘japa’ and hearing from spiritually advanced devotees, will help us embrace each situation with the attitude that everything the Lord does is for my highest good. This will help us make rapid spiritual advancement. Under Krishna’s care, there is no bad, only good.




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