September 7th, 2011
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Intelligence information was shared with Delhi police

chidambaramNew Delhi: Home Minister P Chidambaram made a statement in parliament on the Delhi High Court terror attack which killed 11 people and left 65 injured this morning. Mr Chidambaram stated that the government had not yet received any information regarding the terror groups that are linked with the blast.

“At this stage it is not is possible to identify the groups that caused the bomb today”, he said. Chidambaram in his statement in the parliament said ,” Delhi is a target of terrorist groups. Intelligence agency constantly share intelligence inputs with the Delhi police. Intelligence pertaining to threats emanating from certain groups were shared with Delhi police in July, 2011. But at this stage it is not possible to identify the groups.”

The Government condemning the blast said that the ” objective of terrorist groups is to destabilize the country. We are clear in our minds that there is no cause that will justify any terrorist act.”  He also reassured the nation that the post- blast investigation team of Delhi police was at work. Mr Chidambaram said the investigation shall be handed over to NIA.

Mr Chidambaram has appealed to the people of this nation to remain resolute and united at this time of crisis. The government is determined to track down the perpetrators, he added. The Home Ministry has also issued a nation-wide alert.

The home minister extended his condolences to the families that have lost their loved ones and his sympathies to this injured due to this tragic incident. He assured that the government will extend the best medical treatment to all those injured.


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