December 1st, 2011
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Iranian diplomats expelled from Britian

british embassy Britian: William Hague announced that Iranian diplomats would be expelled at once in response to the attack on the British embassy in Tehran. Hague has given them 48 hours to leave the country. Simultaneously, the British embassy in Tehran was shut down and all staff were evacuated. The British Iranian relation has reached at its “lowest level”. Britian have reasons to believe that the Iranian attack on the British embassy that occurred the other day could not have occurred without some level of implicit consent from the authorities.

The Iranian foreign ministry denounced the action as “hasty” and warned it could lead to further retaliation. However, other western nations echoed British condemnation of the embassy protest. The European Union is due to announce today tough new sanctions aimed at further isolating the Tehran regime. Germany, France and the Netherlands have all recalled their ambassadors for consultation, while Norway has closed its embassy as a precaution.

Iranian protesters stormed the British diplomatic compounds in Tehran, smashed windows, hurled petrol bombs, burnt the British flag and took six British embassy staff hostage on November 29, 2011 . The student protestors called for the “death to the U.K.”



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