November 23rd, 2011
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Iraqi’s legal victory over UK celebrated

UK-soldiers-tortureLondon: In a very surprising verdict, Iraqi’s won a legal victory over UK. 100 Iraqi’ s have forced a public inquiry into allegations against British soldiers of “systematic’ torture. The government however, claims that the misconduct was confined to a few “bad apples” and have denied any “systematic” abuse.

last year, the High Court refused to entertain any demands for a separate inquiry on grounds that a panel was already looking into the wider issue of alleged ill- treatment by British soldiers. The three Appeal Court Judges however, overrules the previous verdict yesterday and ordered the Ministry of Defense to reconsider the case. They held that the existing inquiry panel- the ‘Iraq Historic Allegations Team- lacked practical independence as its members included officers of the military police, some of whom may themselves be accused in the wrong doing.

Allowing the appeal, Lord Justice Kay observed the court was of the view that “the practical independence of IHAT is at least as a matter or reasonable perception substantially compromised”.


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