December 1st, 2011
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Ishrat Jahan Case handed over to CBI

ishratNew Delhi: The Gujarat High Court has directed the Central Bureau of Investigation to carry out further investigations against the police officers accused in the killing of  19-year-old Ishrat Jehan and three others in a fake encounter. The Special Investigation Team (SIT) which probed the case has been directed to file the First Information Report (FIR).

The court said an officer of the deputy inspector general rank will head the investigations beginning with the filing of a fresh FIR. The court said the SIT should hand over all papers related to the case to the CBI within two weeks. The present SIT chief R R Verma should be the complainant in the new FIR to be filed. The court also said the CBI could be assisted by SIT member and IPS officer Satish Verma who spearheaded the probe in the SIT.

The other two members of the SIT appointed by this court, have wished to be relieved. The CBI will also have to probe the original FIR where the state police had justified the killings of Ishrat and three others.

The court also said that NIA cannot be entrusted with the investigation because it is beyond the charter of NIA and this case cannot be termed as terrorist act after the SIT report. “Happy with the CBI. The judgements are amazing and have got what we initially wanted. Court has told SIT to file a fresh FIR and also transfer the earlier FIR as well. Court has also told CBI to inform the court incase there was interference from any side,”



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