August 26th, 2011
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Jan Lokpal goes to Parliament today

Anna HazareNew Delhi: The four bills related to Lokpal Bill will be discussed in Parliament today.The  Parliament is to discuss all the versions of the Lokpal Bill, including the Jan Lokpal Bill, but is likely to go ahead with the proposal only if the draft resolution is acceptable to Team Anna. Sources state that Anna Hazare may break his 11 day fast if a resolution on a strong Lokpal bill is passed in Parliament today.

The discussion in Parliament will be held under Rule 184 which entails voting, sources said. A motion will be brought to facilitate a combined discussion on the Lokpal Bill, the Jan Lokpal Bill brought out by Anna Hazare and the drafts prepared by activist Aruna Roy and Jai Prakash Narain.

“We will find effective ways and means to discuss Jan Lokpal Bill along with the Government’s version of the Bill, along with Aruna Roy’s and Jayaprakash Narayan’s. All ideas should be discussed and debated to get best possible bill to help us deal with corruption,” said Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Thursday.

“Parliament will debate on the lines of what the Prime Minister said in the House today (Thursday). Other civil society bills will be discussed and then it will be send to Standing Committee where changes will be made. We want unanimity on the Bill,” said Union Law Minister Salman Khursheed.

The Prime Minister, Mr Manmohan Singh extended an olive branch to Team Anna on Thursday, promising to discuss the various versions of the Lok pal bill including the one proposed by Team Anna in Parliament. The discussion in the Lok Sabha to be held on Friday, on the various demands of anna Hazare is a desperate attempt to break the impasse. The Lok Sabha made an extrodinary gesture by joining Mr Manmohan Singh in appealing to Mr Hazare to end his fast.

The Leader of the Opposition in Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj aslo supported the Prime Minister’s formula by saying, “We shall do everything to bring a strong Lokpal Bill”.

While the exact wording of the motion is not immediately known, sources said the discussion could take place on the Jan Lokpal Bill in the shape of a “document” and its salient features, after which the records of the debate are expected to be sent to the Parliamentary Standing Committee examining the Lokpal Bill.



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