September 24th, 2011
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“Judiciary cannot function independently in Kerala”:VS

V S Achuthanandan Thiruvananthapuram: The judiciary cannot function independently in Kerala under the Oomen Chandy government, Opposition leader, V S Achuthanandan said. He was expressing his views before the media after the Vigilance Judge declared his withdrawal.

According to him, “the CM wears a mask of being a just man where as deep inside he is a shameless man. The ruling party members are using threat and personal attacks to disrupt and derail the palmolein case. The Government is trying to sabotage the case by using people like Desmond Netto and the Chief Whip.”

Today Netto has turned into a criminal who is an expert in forging documents, he added. VS flayed Chandy for remaining silent and not reacting when PC George raised allegations against a judge. PC George has taken over the quotation of Oommen Chandy in the Palmolein case. The Government is using the chief whip to intimidate the judiciary, VS alleged.



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