September 28th, 2011
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Population controll bill in the line of fire

Kochi: Religious heads unitedly oppose the progressive population control policy suggested by the Commission on Rights and Welfare of Women and Children headed by Justice V R Krishna Iyer. The report that was submitted on Saturday to Chief Minister Oommen Chandy made its controversial suggestions at a time when the Catholic Church is taking active steps to promote the concept of large families among Christians by providing them with atrractive incentives and benefits.

AS per the report of this former supreme court judge families should limit children to two  to enjoy entitlement granted by the State.The strong opposition from the catholic chursh which was the first to voice their discontentent  was followed by the Jamaat-e-Islami and the Hindu Aikya Vedi.

The Kerala Catholic Bishops Council (KCBC) said that it was the right of the parents to decide how many children they need. “Neither the state nor the administrators have the right to interfere in this right. The provisions of fine and imprisonmen for those who go for a third child are violatons of human rights,” said KCBC president Archbishop Andrews Thazhath.

Thr Catholic organisation also opposed suggestions for an office outside of courts to settle divorce cases. “This suggestion is absolutely against Indian tradition which values family relations,” he added. The KCBC has raised  demand to dissolve the commission on Welfare of Women and Children.

The Hindu Aikya Vedi said the Bill would be disadvantageous to the Hindu community and that it would have disastrous effects. The Hindu Aikya Vedi state secretary Kummanam Rajeshekaran said,” The bill should be implemented only after ensuring that the provisions are applicabale to all communities. Whenever the government introduces a law there would be provisions in it to appease the minorities and to protect their interests. Ultimately the law becomes applicable only to the Hindu community. We agree that population control is a national policy but we need an assurance from the government that the provisions would be applicable to all.”

“Penal provisions are impractical in a democratic country,” said P Paremeshwaran, Bharatiya Vichara Kendraam director. Kerala Ameer of the Jamaat-e-Islami, T Arif Ali said that the provisions were a violation of human rights.

“What makes Kerala different from other states is our talented human resource which we export. Even the states economy depends on this human resource to a large extent. The members who finalize he draft should be aware of their social impact,” said Arif Ali.

According to Muslim league state president Panakkad Syed Hyderali Shihab Thangal, the recommendations violate individual liberty and fundamental rights of a citizen. Birth regulations brought in the name of controlling population would encourage foeticide, especially female feoticide.

“Constitution allows all citizens to live according to their religious beliefs in matters related to their family”, he added.


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