November 22nd, 2011
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Kannur and Palakkad farmers commit suicide

farmer-suicideKannur: Debt ridden farmers death is becoming a daily phenomenon. Today debt ridden farmers ended their lives in Kannur and Palakkad. Gangadaran (62) hailing from Cherupuzha, Kannur and Ramakrishnan (65) from Palakkad ended their lives today.  Gangadaran who hung himself was found dead today morning. Gangadaran had borrowed Rs 1 lakh from the State bank branch.  As he was unable to repay the loan he was issued an legal attachment of property notice . He has been bedridden for many years.

Dairy farmer Ramakrishnan had borrowed money from Tamil Nadu private lenders. As he was unable to repay the loan he was forced to sell three of his cows. In despair he hung himself from the Mango tree in front of his house. With these two deaths farmers suicide has been raised to 13 in the last two weeks.



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