October 21st, 2011
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Terrorist links unearthed from Kannur jail

kannur-jailThiruvananthapuram: The roots of terrorism has creeped into the crevices of jails of Kerala. As the per ADGP Alexander Jacobs report, evidences collected from Kannur jail that links the prisoners to even international terrorist organizations. The ADGP arrived at this conclusion after primary investigation of the mobile phones that were confiscated from Kannur jail.

In his report that was submitted to the Additional Chief Secretary of the Home Ministry, he has stated that certain prisoners were even using satellite phones to make international calls and there is strong suspicion that dangerous terrorist operations were being designed from the jail.

120 phone’s were confiscated. Of which the details of 28 phones were collected from the hi- tech cells. Reliance and two other companies have not yet submitted the details of the phone calls that were solicited from them. 500 pages of 3500 call details have been collected.

As certain calls have been made to numbers that have 18 digits including alphabets the police has been able to come to the conclusion that the prisoners have made calls to satellite phones. Satellite phones that cost lakhs of rupees cannot be bought by an ordinary prisoner. Thus the police has doubts regarding the connections maintained by such prisoners. Calls have been made to America also.

5 calls have been diverted. There are reasons to believe that the calls have been diverted to Pakistan, Afghanistan or Somalia. Certain calls have also been made to internet numbers. From the details collected the police infers that, matters that could be a threat to national and state security are being planned from Kannur jail.

Bomb blast can be engineered at any part of the world from the jail with the help of satellite phones. A remote control bomb just needs to be connected to the phone. By a press of a button the bomb would explode at any part of the world.

Considering the gravity of the situation the ADGP has asked for a detailed inquiry by intelligence Bureau, or the RAW. The report has also demanded an armed police raid to ensure that no prisoner is using any such facilities in the jail in the future.



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