March 24th, 2012
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Kannur Muslim League activists clash

muslim-leagueKannur: League activists clashed at Kannur today at a meeting that was organised to decide the district  level representatives. A group of league activists joined hands together in opposition to the official panel that was constituted. The protesting activists smashed windows of Sadhoo Kalyana Mandapam.

Two league activists were arrested by the police following the clash. Demanding the immediate release of the arrested protesting activists the rest of the protestors blocked senior leader PKK Baba. A media person was also injured during the clash.

The media were informed in adavnce of the possibility of a clash. Slogans in protest were raised as soon as the new list of representatives were decided. Earlier a similar lash had occured during the Azhikode elections. The protestors claim that misappropriation occurred while preparing the list. An activist filed a petition in court and a stay had been issued on the nomination.


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