February 20th, 2012
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Kanthapuram asks CPIM to stay away from religious matters

kanthapuramKozhikode: “Pinarayi has no right to comment on the ‘Thirukesham’ (the holy hair), said Kanthapuram A P Aboobakar Musiliar.  He stated that he has no intentions to fold his hands and remain mum if politicians poke their nose into religious matters.

“The ‘Thirukesha’ controversy is not supposed to be discussed out side the religion. The religious heads and followers of Islam are the ones to decide whether it is mere superstition or not.  CPIM State Secretary, Pinarayi Vijayan has no say in this matter. He has no right to comment on such issues. Muslims believe that the ‘Thirukesham’,which is the hair of the prophet shall not catch fire went set on fire. This depicts the superhuman qualities of the prophet. Those who are ignorant of such matters need not express their views on it,’ Kandapuram Aboobakar said.

“If politician interfere in religios matters it will lead to communal problems. I do not know whether Pinarayi intends to attain media attention by making such controversial statements. Regarding the Thirukesham there may be diverese and even opposing views amongst the believers. However, this is not the only matter on which there have been disagreements,” he added.

Kandapuram A P Aboobakar was responding to the statements made by Mr Pinarayi Vijayan during the CPIM 20th party congress, while inaugurating a seminar on “Vagbhatananda Guru and Kerala’s Renaissance”.  Pinarayi accused religious heads of interfering in political matters.”There is an attempt to revive the religion and caste based divide in the state. Hindus have more human gods that even the gods. Some others are arguing over the Thirukesham. Anybody’s hair will burn when set on fire. However, some claim that the hair of the prophet is immune to fire, ” Pinarayi said.

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