February 8th, 2012
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Porn case: Karnataka ministers resign

Karnataka Ministers watching pornography vediosBangalore: Three Karnataka ministers Lakshman Savadi, C C Patil and Krishna B Palemar resigned early this morning following allegations of watching porn films in the legislative assembly.

The three Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) ministers, were caught red handed watching porn on a cell phone while the Assembly was in session. The live footage of the shameful act was caught on camera by two Kannada TV channel cameramen who were perched behind in the elevated media gallery.

Less than an hour after the house was adjourned for the day, TV channels broadcast the uncensored “exclusive” visuals. The opposition has demanded the expulsion of both the ministers. Mr Savadi ruled out all possibilities of him resigning over the issue.

The clippings show Savadi, cooperation minister, intently watching the clipping and Patil, minister for women and child welfare, peeping into Savadi’s phone. The two denied they were watching porn and claimed it was a clipping of a rape and murder scene in a foreign country which they saw in the light of controversy of a group of foreigners indulging in a sex act recently at a tourism promotion event near Udupi, about 400 km west of Bangalore.

“It looked like a blue film but that was not what it was,” they said. The cameraman said a discussion on the drought conditions was going on when the Ministers indulged in such activities. Speaker K G Bopaiah said he would take action against the Ministers after studying the law and the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in the Assembly.

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One Response to “ Porn case: Karnataka ministers resign ”

  1. Hellem

    Porn? On a CELLPHONE? Ministers these days! Back when I was involved in Government, I had to hide a stack of nudie mags & VHS tapes under a gragabe can in a basement archives office. That was an elevator ride and a long, shame-filled walk down a dimly-lit corridor whenever I wanted a Parliamentary erection, and I wasn’t caught once Pfft amateurs!


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