October 26th, 2011
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The valley submerged in attacks and controversy

kashmir-valleyKashmir: After multiple attacks in Kashmir Valley, a National Conference general secretary and party’s chief spokesman Mustafa Kamal leader kicked up a controversy alleging that army may have had a hand in the attacks. Later he denied of having made any such claims. He suggested that the attacks were an attempt to sabotage the efforts to phase out AFSPA from the Valley. “The finger of suspicion points towards those who have vested interests and who do not want the AFSPA to go for their personal interests,” he said.

Responding to Kamal’s allegation, the army spokesman Lt Col J S Brar said, “It is not worth any comment from our side.”

Even as Omar Abdulla declared he had plans of revoking the controversial Armed Forces Special Powers Act, Kashmir came under three grenade blasts and one pistol shooting. Militants have been blamed by the police for the four attacks.

As the controversy rose like raging fire Kamal denied making any such comments. “I vehemently deny statements attributed to me of accusing army or any other security agency of being involved in the grenade attacks,” Kamal said.


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