October 3rd, 2011
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Kerala CM confirms Pillai’s phone conversation

Oommen chandyThiruvananthapuram: The Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy confirmed that Balakrishnan Pillai who has been in jail had a telephone conversation with the media. The jail welfare officer would submit the report tomorrow and strict actions would be taken against him on receiving of the report, he added.

The opposition  staged a walk out from the assembly when the speaker denied permission for an adjournment motion to discuss the phone calls made by jailed ex-minister Balakrishna Pillai. Opposition deputy leader Kodiyeri Balakrishnan submitted the notice and alleged that phone calls made by Pillai from jail was against the rule.

Chief minister Oommen Chandy however stated that Pillai’s call from hospital was only a break in jail rule which is punishable but not a breach of law. As per the former Governments Prison Act criminals were permitted to make telephone conversations and certain reasonable restrictions were imposed upon them. The CM stated that it was there shall be an investigation to identify whether Pillai had violated the restriction.

CM said the teacher Krishnakumar who was attacked by some people is not co-operating with the probe. He is giving contradictory statements, the CM added


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