October 17th, 2011
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We wont apologize, We havent assaulted: Opposition

Thiruvananthapuram: The opposition has refused to apologize for the assault on the women Watch and Ward.  This decision was expressed at a meeting that was held today between the leaders of the Opposition and the Congress led ruling party in the presence of the speaker.

The opposition stated that if they apologize for the assault on the lady Watch and Ward it would be equivalent to them confessing to the crime. They stated that there is no evidence that proves that the opposition MLA’s assaulted the watch and ward. The opposition party leaders continue to remain resolute on their stand, that they have done no wrong.

However, the Left led opposition have relented to apologize for pushing their way to the speaker’s podium. The ruling party has accused the opposition of assaulting the lady Watch and Ward who attempted to block their entry onto the speaker’s podium.

The opposition party members, who claimed that The DGP report on the Kozhikode firing was leaked, entered the well of the house and held a sit in protest while the assembly was in session, on Friday. The speaker ignoring the slogans raised by the opposition proceeded with the legislature proceedings. When the agitated opposition moved towards the speakers desk, the watch and ward staff tried to block the members. This ended in a free for all and brawl between the watch and ward staff and the opposition members.

The opposition later stated that  MLA K K Lathika and T V Rajesh were injured during the squabble. The ruling party in turn accused the opposition of hurting the lady watch and ward Rajinikumari. A decision regarding the stand or action to be taken has no yet been arrived at.




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