December 8th, 2011
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Kerala tribals in pathetic condition: KILA

kerala tribals Thrissur: As per a survey conducted by Kerala institute of Local Administration (KILA), as much as 49 percent of the tribal houses in Kerala state do not have toilets, 24,289 families do not hold ration cards, hundreds of graduates and undergraduates among tribal’s are jobless and half of the population of Scheduled Tribes is deprived of pure drinking water.

The Survey was conducted in association with local bodies in the State and the Scheduled Tribe Welfare Department. The statics reveal the pathetic condition of the Scheduled Tribes in the state.

There are 4,614 landless tribal families in the State. More than 55 percent of tribal’s live in dilapidated houses and do not have kitchens. As many as 1,252 tribal hamlets are not electrified. More than 1300 tribal settlements face threat from wild animals.

There are 887 unwed mothers and 20,301 widows among Scheduled Tribe women. Only 17 percent of them get pension.  Many families do not have access to medical care. There are 4,036 are differently-abled and 2386 are mentally challenged. 40,323 are suffering chronic diseases.

The literacy rate among scheduled tribes is 72.77 percent in this state that boasts of 96 percent literacy rate. Most of them drop out of schools at primary level. 77,680 people in the age group of 15-59 are unemployed. These include 2112 graduates, 200 postgraduates, and 2066 people with professional qualifications.

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