April 23rd, 2012
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KILA report reflects pitiful condition of SC in Kerala

kila-reportThiruvananthapuram: The current Kerala Institute of Local Administration (KILA) report reflects the pitiful conditions of the Scheduled Castes in Kerala. According to the report though the government is spending crores of rupees for the welfare and development of the Scheduled Castes of the state, their living standards have not improved as expected.

Even today SC’s are living in uninhabitable shelters and on three cents of land. Around 14.5 lakh people belonging to Scheduled Castes living in colonies own just 29,000 acres of land. A total of 3.4 lakh families reside in this, it adds. The report also found out that 71,367 families are homeless and 2.5 lakh families live in one room houses in miserable conditions.

In Kollam district there are 59,000 Scheduled Caste families who have access to only a total of 5444 acre land. At Thiruvananthapuram the state capital,  23,605 SC families are living in single room homes.  Meanwhile 41,000 (40,929) SC’s who live in colonies own merely 2700 acres of land. Of the 2.29 lakh Sheduled Castes living in the district 1.63 lakhs live in colonies. 16,380 families living separately own 1140 acre land. There are 4,896 who are landless and homeless in Thiruvananthapuram. Of which 3188 live in colonies. There are 3041 families that own land but are homeless. Of these 1983 live in colonies. 8662 houses in the colonies are not inhabitable and are in miserable conditions. 4428 houses are beyond repair in the district.

Though a total 36,084 acres of land was allotted to them as per figures, only 29,690 acres were suitable for farming activities and setting up dwellings. The SC population of the state is 23.52 lakh, comprising 5.58 lakh families. Out of them, 55 per cent are living in 26,198 colonies spread over all the districts. The report also pointed out that 2.2 lakh of the SC population are illiterate and in this category 27,355 are children in the age group of five and nine. A surprising finding of the survey, contrary to general belief, is that the number of illiterates is on the rise.

The report also found that around 66 per cent of the SC families are below poverty line. On health indicators, the survey report said that there are 26 HIV+ve persons, 2588 cancer-affected persons, 1904 tuberculosis patients and 1587 leprosy patients among the Scheduled Castes. Around 1.5 lakh families suffer from drinking water shortage as they have access to drinking water only for six months in a year. Electricity is still alien for 8.63 per cent families in SC colonies, the report said.


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