February 8th, 2012
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Kiliroor case: Big fish escaped

women-tortureThiruvananthapuram: Though the five were convicted in the Kiliroor case, critical voices have expressed dissatisfaction and discontent regarding the verdict as many believe that the “big fish” are still roaming free. The court has not considered Shari’s death statement and the statements made by Shari’s father and the IG Sreelekha. No inquiry has been conducted on Shari’s death which her father believes is a murder. her father had also submitted a petition seeking an inquiry into the circumstances leading to her death.

Shari in her death statement is said to have claimed to be sexually assaulted at a resort and house boat in Alapuzha and at a hotel in Eranakulam. IG Sreelekha is said to have documented the death statement. Shari is said to have told her parents the same. However amongst those convicted those who abused her at Eranakulam are not included.


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