February 21st, 2012
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Kingfisher appears before DGCA

kingfisherNew Delhi: Kingfisher Airlines’ CEO Sanjay Agarwal appears before aviation regulator DGCA to explain reasons for large-scale disruptions in schedules and their financial troubles. “We will answer whatever the regulator asks,” said Sanjay Agarwal before going into the meeting with the chief of Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) E K Bharat Bhushan. DGCA summoned the airline’s CEO and top officials as they were concerned over the sudden cancellations and passenger inconvenience. Airlines require prior approval of the DGCA to curtail flights.

Meanwhile the airlines cancelled almost 34 flights today. Six from Delhi, five from Mumbai, 18 from Bangalore and five from Hyderabad have been cancelled. On Monday, the airline cancelled 30 flights; half its flights from major metros were cancelled or delayed on Sunday. Kingfisher is operating only 16 aircraft, down from 64. Kolkata and the North East stations have been shut down. The next domestic centre likely to shut down is Hyderabad.

Civil Aviation Minister Ajit Singh told reporters, “We have to hear out Kingfisher. We don’t know what their plans are, how they are going to restore normal schedule. Then there are safety issues which they have to answer”. Kingfisher chief Vijay Mallya have appologised to the passengers for the inconvenience caused. apologised to fliers affected by its sudden flight cancellations.


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