December 12th, 2011
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KMML effluents – threat to life

KMMLKollam: The Department of Geology, University of Kerala, have discovered that the effluents from Kerala Metals and Minerals Ltd (KMML) are polluting the water and environment and causing immense public health hazards. KMML is a public sector unit that manufactures titanium dioxide is based at Chavara, Kollam.  As per the study of the Department of Geology highly toxic trace elements were detected in the water samples and was deteriorating ground water. The quality of water of the underground aquifershave dropped to an alarming level due to high acidity.

The team led by Assistant Professor E Shaji said that the flora and fauna was also badly affected and that the crops in the area were being destroyed by concentrated hydrochloric acid and other pollutants. The study was taken up by the Geological department to verify whether the waste was being disposed of without proper treatment and to identify the extent of environmental degradation. After the study it was identified that the ground water extraction had reached alarming levels this could lead to sea water intrusion into the aquifers.

The area to the north of the factory was filled with pools of brownish yellow, pungent smelling water, highly acidic and reactive. The colour change was seen in neighbouring wells and pools. Chemical analysis of surface and ground water samples collected from the study area identified trace elements of chromium, copper, lead, cobalt, cadmium, nickel, zinc, iron and manganese. The paddy field have become effluent ponds. various skin disease were noticed among adults and children.

Dr Shaji said remedial measures were called for to restore the water quality of the area. The company has to ensure that the acidic effluents were neutralized before discharge. The study said geospatial analysis carried out revealed that about 15 sq km of the area was badly affected and that pollution was slowly spreading in all directions.



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