November 30th, 2011
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Kolaveri: The six minute wonder

kolaveri-songChennai: It’s got the entire nation raving about it. Why this Kolaveri di… is a song that seems to have well and truly captured the imagination of the youth of the country. The song is already a hit on Youtube and social networking sites such as Facebook with over 1 million hits on Youtube.  Even the Big B had  words of praise for the number. He tweeted, “Just heard Kolaveri…after much talk on it… it’s so original and catchy. Congrats Dhanush and Aishwarya.’

Get Dhanush to react to these facts and he says, “It took me only six minutes to pen Kolaveri… for 3. My lyrics are simple, and I’ve made sure the words I’ve used can be understood by all kinds of audiences. All the words in the lyrics are regularly used by everybody. However, we don’t look to use it in a song. That’s the highlight here!”

Points out the star, “The Kolaveri.., song cannot be called a Tanglish one.” He explains, “If you notice, I have used a lot of English words but when I sung it, I gave a Tamil flavour to it. This is because I wanted the song to reach all the Tamilians who listened to it.”

But the fact that the song is also making waves in Bollywood is bound to make Dhanush happy, who also discloses that he has also penned the other songs for 3.

By the way, does Dhanush too prefer the system of launching single tracks? “Of course not. However, recently, I was forced to launch a song. A few weeks ago, some one I know leaked the raw copy of the song on the Internet and it became viral, which was unexpected. So, I had to convince Anirudh,  the music director, to finish the song immediately and release it as a single track.”


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